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Collection of Famous Paintings from all over the World by Famous Painters with Biography & Info on each painting

Famous Painters & their Famous Paintings collection is arranged as Follows .Painters list is grouped in alphabetical order .

Each Painting is analysed to give you better understanding .This will help you to have insight into each painter's painting style & techniques .These Paintings comes along with year painting so you will get idea about the costumes & other fashion styles popular in those days .

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Alphabetical index page lists links to famous painter index page whose name starts with that Alphabet .

Famous Panter Paintings Index page has links to all his paintings with thumbnail images & link to his biography page along with summary regarsing painter's panting style,if he belong's to a particular movement & about his art life .

Individual Painting page has the full size high quality painting which you could use for your poster purposes with detailed analysis of those painting including name of the painting,the story or incident behind that painting,year of painting,technique or material used for that painting.

These famous painters had given a face to our Gods & Saints & the holiest moments in history are visualized by these painters .We also has Flower Paintings,Church Paintings,beach paintings,animals,still life paintings,tree drawings,garden paintings etc.

Man had started to paint since the pre historic times .The painters in those times painted or drawn whatever they found interesting to them .They filled the walls of their caves with drawings ,these paintings helps the archeologists to learn about their life styles ,food,dress,culture & the weapons they used . As he advanced in knowledge he deployed different methods and innovative techniques to express feelings & outlook with lines & colors .

Do you ever wondered what is the use of these paintings ? These paintings help us to know about the life style of those people .These painters recreated the heroes ,beauties & Gods with their colorful imagination .For example almost all people have same face of jesus in their minds .It is only because the painter who first drawn the portrait of Lord Jesus .

Here we have paintings of famous painters ,this famous painters site is expanding day by day with famous paintings from all over the world .This collection of famous painting works of famous painters could be used to study about these painters

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Now paintings are sold for billions of Dollars .So it became a business like real estate . People find paintings as a good investment .

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