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The Great Roads at Kronstadt. Painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

This is a painting done by the celebrated Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky.

The picture depicts a warship Of the Russian Army sailing in the Baltic Sea.

Aivazovsky was undergoing a training with the Baltic Sea Fleet of Russian Army

as part of his battle – painting classes.

The background in the picture represents the cold Baltic sea. The fixed and motion

less waves of the sea and the receding clouds reveal that the artist’s memory of

the nature has been transformed into a piece of art with a romantic touch. An

unfailing power of recall and a romantic imagination of poetic nature are the two

vital factors that has enabled him to create this painting. The restless clouds of

the sky and the sprays of foam in the sea vividly illustrate the romantic spirit of

the artist. Not only had this work won Aivazovsky the Major Gold Medal but, it

also marked the beginning of his career as a specialist in marine painting.

This oil on canvas painting was done when Aivazovsky was a student of the

St. Peters Academy. At that young age he could capture the seascape with such

brilliance because changing moods of the sea was his passion.

Colors are used in this painting to make a vivid and realistic seascape. Every

detail is magically frozen on the canvas. The artist has established a partner

ship between light and water. The sky with illuminated clouds and sea with

foaming waves are portrayed in a dazzling variety of colors. While the picture

imparts a clear idea as to how a war ship will be to look at, it cuts a majestic

appearance befitting to a war ship. Thus with the seascape at the background

and the war ship at the forefront, the picture is a perfect blend of the artist’s

romantic spirit and academic spirit.

The Great Roads at Kronstadt. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Ivan Aivazovsky

The Great Roads at Kronstadt. 1836. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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