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Aleksey Antropov Painting Portrait of an Unknown Woman

Portrait of an Unknown Woman - Famous Art work & Drawing by Aleksey Antropov

Portrait of an Unknown Woman.

Aleksey’s work done in the 1780s has portrayed the unknown woman in breathtaking clarity. She has an ornamental turban on her head and a dark cloth around her shoulders and neck. She has lovely pursed lips. Like all women of her stock she has a heavy bosom and upper torso with the red garment tearing at the seams. The artist has also not forgotten her small mole near her right eye. Done in oil on canvas this picture is at Tomsk Regional Ethnical museum at Tomsk in Russia.

Portrait of an Unknown Woman. 1780s. Oil on canvas. Tomsk Regional Ethnical Museum, Tomsk, Russia.

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Antropov, Aleksey (Russian, 1716-1795)

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