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Adrienne Painting by amedeo modigliani

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalin -Adrienne

amedeo modigliani Adrienne (Woman with Bangs). 1917. Oil on canvas. 55.3 x 38.1 cm. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA


Modigliani has depicted Adrienne as a long necked sweetly smiling doleful – eyed woman. Modigliani was quite skilled at portraiture and the elongated richly colored female portraits painted by him are very famous. He painted a variety of people ranging from his friends, lovers, patrons and pretty girls who happened to catch his eyes. His art is expressive and intense.

In this portrait, the woman’s long graceful curves and simplified features are typical of Modigliani’s approach to the human figure. The portrait is quite vibrant and expressive. The female subject of this portrait stands with a twist in her elongated neck, which is a Modigliani trademark. She is with a stylized and mask like head and a columnar neck. All these characteristics give her a blank ashen expression. She looks at the viewer head-on with a most piercing air in her eyes. She is depicted as an intense woman of a compassionate nature. The portrait has relied heavily on the expressive and wide use of color to create emotional expression and unerring form.

Although color is applied liberally, the strokes are thick, jagged and for the most part, random. The artist’s brushstrokes are also particularly long. Color is of much importance in this portrait as it draws the viewer in and allows the viewer’s eyes to be brought around the piece. In the background, the strokes are long and applied at a rapid pace. The weighty application has created a brilliant textural finish.

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