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Painting by Amedo odigliani

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini
Female Nude with Hat. c 1908. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Female Nude with Hat

This is one of the most powerful and lyrical paintings by Modigliani.

The linear treatment of the neck, breasts and arms is common for the artist’s nude paintings. This is one of the very few pictures by Modigliani in which the head is virtually absent. Modigliani has chosen to concentrate on the broad sweep of the body which has stillness. It is this subtle inflection that gives the picture its strength and grace. Modigliani painted this picture shortly after his first series of four nude paintings – “Nudo Dolente.”

The female nudes drawn by Modigliani are outstanding for their elongated necks and sloe eyes. The artist had a great talent for nuance and adventurous palette. Modigliani’s works are instantly recognizable by his skewed style. His drawings have a lightness of line and an organic energy reminiscent of the Nouveau era. They are generally excellent and his nudes cause something of a sensation. The artist has portrayed the nude as a demure and sad woman who doesn’t have the elegance of Ingre’s Odalisques or Botticelli’s graces or Velasquez’s Rokeby Venus.

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