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Head Limestone Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini -Head Limestone

Head. 1911-12. Limestone. 63.5 x 12.5 x 35 cm. Tate Gallery, London, UK.

Head – Lime Stone

Modigliani, who was best known as a prolific painter began to carve stone sculptures after meeting Constantin Brancusi at Paris in 1909. While his total sculptural output was rather small – only twenty five pieces survive – these abstracted elongated heads had a significant stylistic impact on his subsequent figure and portrait paintings.

This particular “Head” carved out of lime stone, with its strong connection to African sculpture was originally owned by Frank Burty Haviland, an American painter, lived in France. He was also an associate of Alfred Stieglitz and Marius de Zayas. Haviland’s African art collection was known to Modigliani. In addition to African art, the sculpture also reflects his knowledge of ancient Cycladic, Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek art.

This sculpture is a perfect blend of Modigliani’s expertise in tribal art and African art. Though Modigliani’s interest in sculpture was kindled by Brancusi, he continued his personal idiom distinguished by strong linear rhythms, simple elongated forms and verticality.

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