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Head.Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Head. Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo ModigaliniHead. c. 1911. Limestone. Height 58 cm. Musées Nationaux, Paris, France

Another Head

Modigliani was encouraged to sculpt by the sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Modigliani developed his own distinctive style. The elongated forms and simple linear features – eclectically borrowed from African and Oceanic tribal masks, medieval carving and classic sculpture – show how for Modigliani the primitive could be decisively modern. This “Head” is described as an example of perfect resolution in his work, combining sacredness with spirituality.

According to art historian Gerhard Kolberg, Modigliani’s sculpture fluctuates “between a high ideal and sculptural goal and primitive to archaic execution.” He was able to impart a stylistic unity to his sculptures. Each “Head” can immediately be recognized as chiseled by Modigliani.

Approximately twenty five stone sculptures and a wood carving by Modigliani still exist. The art criticism is of different opinion regarding the stylistic development and dating of the sculptures. The one point that is agreed upon is that Modigliani’s sculpture phase lasted from 1909 to 1914.

Modigliani had to give up the art of sculpting due to unaffordable expenses as well as ill-health.

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