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Marcelle Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalin -Marcelle

Marcelle. 1917. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Portrait of Marcelle

Modigliani put all his efforts in Portraiture after settling in Paris. His contemporary artists like Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera inspired him to paint their portraits. Modigliani painted a number portraits of his friends, well wishers, fellow artists and patrons, during his career in Paris.

This portrait depicts Marcelle, who was the wife of Georges Braque. Georges Braque was a contemporary artist and friend of Modigliani. He was a famous 20th century French painter and sculptor who along with Pablo Picasso developed the art movement known as Cubism.

The portrait is easily identifiable as Modigliani’s creation from the mask like face, elongated neck, twisted nose and pursed mouth.

Modigliani wanted the portrait to be as eternal as a statue. A particular sitter was being asked to play a tender and generic role. Three dimensions were made into two.

Modigliani’s paintings are dominated by linear design. He used line to suggest body and form, with skill and sensitivity. He developed his own unique style when he was surrounded by artists who were experimenting with Impressionism, Surrealism and Cubism.

The subject’s head is elegant with swan like neck and sloping shoulders. The effect is delicate and gentle. The eyes are haunting and face is very distinctive with long nose and tiny pursed lips. Modigliani was utterly fascinated by the simplicity of African masks and art and kept them in mind when he painted such portraits.

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