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Monsieur Deleu Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini -Monsieur Deleu Monsieur Deleu. 1916. Oil on canvas. 81.1 x 46.7 cm. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.

Portrait of Monsieur Deleu

Modigliani’s portraits were not similar to the traditional portraits of the pre-modern art. His subjects were more of the real people.

Portrait by Modigliani convey a story of character of the sitter. They were not about capturing the exact likeness of the subject.

In this portrait of Monsieur Deleu, the artist has succeeded in capturing the smirk and disapproval in the face of his subject.

Modigliani modernized the art of portraiture. Photography had freed artists of the need to be realistic or naturalistic, thereby allowing them to take artistic liberties. Modigliani elongated his sitter creating an elegant and surrealistic image. The portrait by Modigliani is very soulful. As Jean Cocteau once wrote, Modigliani turned his subjects into Modiglianis.

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