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Monsieur Lepoutre. -Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalin-Monsieur Lepoutre.

Monsieur Lepoutre. 1916. Oil on canvas. 92 x 65 cm. Private collection

Portrait of Monsieur Lepoutre

Modigliani was a skillful portraitist. During his career, he painted innumerable number of portraits. Subjects were his contemporary artists, friends, patrons and others whom he happened to come across in his daily life. This portrait of Monsieur Lepoutre is an outstanding painting by Modigliani.

Modigliani’s paintings are dominated by his sense of linear designs. He used lines exclusively to suggest body and form, with skill and sensitivity. He used distortion as a way of highlighting characteristics of his subjects. Modigliani developed his own unique style when he was surrounded by artists who were experimenting with impressionism, surrealism and cubism. His subject’s head is elegantly bowed with swan-like neck and sloping shoulders. The effect is delicate and gentle. The viewers feel that the person depicted in the portrait is almost aloof, in a dreamy kind of way. The face is very distinctive with long thin nose; almond shaped eyes and pursed lips. The eyes are so haunting that they look quite normal. Some critics say that the artist has played on the sickness in humanity while others recognize it as a new definition of breathtaking beauty.

Monsieur Lepoutre is depicted as sitting on a chair with crossed arms. The grey mustache dominates his face lips are hidden. The black cap covers part of his head. The white shirt and the yellow over coat, both are having big black buttons. In this portrait, Lepoutre appears as a weak old man.

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