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Nude Teen Girl Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini -Nude.Nude

Nude – Teen Girl

Amedeo Modigliani was known primarily for his reclining nudes and his portraits with elegantly elongated features. His portraits and nudes - characterized by asymmetrical composition, elongated figures and a simple but monumental use of line – are among the most admired portraits of 20th century.

“The Nude – Teen Girl” is a typical example of Modigliani’s figure painting. The picture is an elegant and arresting arrangement of curved lines and planes as well as a striking idealization of feminine sexuality.

Nude art was an integral part of Modigliani’s art works and it was different from his non-nude portraits. His nude art is closer to reality. The models of his nude art, by their natural forms, dictated the way for the depiction. This nude art drawing of Modigliani shows an intensity and intimacy that cannot be found in any of his non-nude portraits. The artist adopted a style of symbolism in his nude pictures. At work, only through his nude art, Modigliani was able to lift his spirit above daily reality. Modigliani was an anomaly among the artists who were active in the Parisian avant-garde in early 20th century.

The art critic Anette Kruszynski noted, “Modigliani’s nudes were meant as a tribute to the perfection of the female form.”

Modigliani used housemaids, waitresses, and professional models as sitters for his nude portraits. He used two types of models for his works. In this picture, the model belongs to the group of high-breasted women depicted as child like and demure and likened to the Venus Celestial male ideal of love.

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