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Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo ModigaliniPortrait of Pedro. 1909. Oil on canvas. 35 x 46 cm. Private collection

Portrait of Pedro

“Portrait of Pedro”, also known as “The Typographer” is one of the most famous paintings by Modigliani. This portrait is a masterpiece of Modigliani’s mature period.

The elongated face, the graceful swan-like neck, the sensuous pursed lips and the impenetrable almond eyes – all these are characteristic traits of the distinctive figurative style developed by Modigliani.

This painting is a reference of the key sources that Modigliani combined to create his unique and imitable style. The sinuous neck, elongated hands and fluid contours of the portrait remind the art of the Italian Mannecrosts Pamigianino and Pontormo. The art of modern masters, particularly Cezanne, had also influenced Modigliani’s portraiture.

The sculpture of Constantin Brancusi was another major source for Modigliani’s figural style. Further, Portrait of Pedro illustrates Modigliani’s interest in African sculpture.

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