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Portrait of a Girl. Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalin Portrait of a Girl.

Portrait of a Girl. 1917-18. Oil on canvas. 46 x 29 cm. Private collection

Portrait of a Girl

Modigliani was a specialist in portraiture and his delicate stylization showed the influence of his period as a sculptor.

‘The Girl’ in this painting has not been identified. Influenced by African masks, Modigliani rendered her features as large flat planes and exaggerated the length of her neck and nose. Modigliani’s graceful style is comparable with that of Italian Renaissance Painters Botticelli and Parmigianino.

Modigliani developed his own ideas of beauty to which he subordinated the appearance of his portrait model. Despite the extreme economy of composition and neutral background, the portrait conveys a sharp sense of sitter’s personality. The artist had a unique painting style which exhibited Expressionist, Cubist and Matisse like tendencies.

The portrait is instantly recognized as a work of Modigliani because of the typical elongated shapes. He painting illustrates the artist’s passion for sculpting.

Modigliani was an extremely handsome man to whom females were greatly attracted. Women came and went and Modigliani painted the portraits of many of them.

This portrait is unique because the main aim of the painter lies not in achieving an authority in the use of colors and planes, but rather conveying a mood. Parts of the picture are strongly defined by pure painterly treatment of the surface. Modigliani’s muted palette is oriented towards Toulouse-Lautrec and Edward Munch.

Modigliani had a great talent for nuance and adventurous palette. In many of his portraits, that rise, above caricature of his work.

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