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Rose Caryatid Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini-Rose Caryatid

Rose Caryatid (Audace). c. 1914. Gouache and chalk on paper. 60 x 45.5 cm. Norton Gallery of Art, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Rose Caryatid

The caryatid is a classical Greek architectural element depicting a human figure supporting a weight. Many of Modigliani’s dazzling works on paper are drawings and water colors of caryatids. Modigliani imbues them with a vague Egyptian feel. The figure is seen in a flat graphic style that makes it seen like a hieroglyphic. The caryatid also has an emotional intensity unusual for this traditionally static architectural element.

There is Brancusi’s influence mainly in the way Modigliani shaped the head in the drawing of this “Rose Caryatid.” It seems to have more in common with erotic sculptures in certain North Indian temples, notably Khajuraho.

The distinguishing feature of the “Rose Caryatid” is that it extends in three dimensions and thus always maintains a relationship to the human body. In Antiquity and in the Renaissance art, it was man himself who was the predominant subject of sculpture.

Gerhard Kolberg, Modigliani’s art historian wrote that Modigliani’s sculptures fluctuate between a high ideal and sculptural goal and are ‘primitive’ to archaic executions. He was able to impart a stylistic unity to his sculptures.

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