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Seated Nude with Necklace Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalin-Seated Nude with Necklace

Seated Nude with Necklace. 1917. Oil on canvas. 92 x 60 cm. Private collection

Seated Nude with Necklace

Between 1916 and 1919, Modigliani produced about thirty paintings of female nudes - in seated and reclining poses. The model for this painting “Seated Nude with Necklace” was hired by Modigliani’s patron and dealer, Zborovska.

The figure in this paint is voluptuous, but not indecent; sensual and individual, but also generalized. The picture represents traditional Western female nude. The artist has presented the figure boldly. The figure is open and straight forward but not provocative. In Modigliani’s composition, exchange with the viewer is blunted by a mask like stylization of the face and inwardly focused eyes. The absence of settings and distortions keeps the figure away from the viewer tempering the blatant eroticism of the subject.

The impact of the painting is based largely on the erotic and aesthetic; the characteristic attenuation of the neck or torso creates a precise rhythm and a harmony of elongated oval forms.

The eyes, the face, the sensuous lips and the lovely neck – all these are characteristics of Modigliani’s painting. The artist reveled in making a great painting in the brush stroke and in the use of very strong colors.

The curator of contemporary art at LACMA, Carol Eliel said, “Modigliani who was influenced by ancient art, takes in the world, digests it all and out come things that look like Modigliani’s.

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