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Study for The Cellist Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini -Study for The Cellist Study for The Cellist. 1909. Oil on canvas. Private collection

Study for The Cellist

Modigliani concentrated in portraiture soon after he arrived in Paris. Initially he took inspiration from the works of Cezanne, Munch and Toulose-Lautrec. His depictions were based on psychology and character.

In later years Modigliani chose a different path. He started to blot out contents and made his painting objective. “Study for The Cellist” is the most popular portrait by Modigliani after he adopted the new path of portraiture.

In this portrait, the drawing comprises of precise contours which smoothly flowed out of the artist’s hands. Through an artistic differentiation of colors, he made the musician to merge into his instrument and depicted him in a curious state of reverie.

The artist Curt Stoermer, on seeing the painting by Modigliani commented that the picture already enjoyed a secret celebrity. He admired the extremely subtle technique of the painting. Stoermer said that Modigliani hated feelings and that his subsequent works were of a new stage represented by the strongly emotional style of “The Cellist.”

Modigliani’s later paintings really exhibited his leaning towards the general rather than the anonymous for which he reduced the narrative and represented his subject in a virtuoso style. The artist developed his own ideal of beauty to which he subordinated the appearance of his portrait models.

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