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Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini

The Red Bust. 1913. Oil on canvas. 81 x 46 cm. Private collection

The Red Bust

Modigliani’s name is almost synonymous with his nude pictures. “The Red Bust” is one of his famous caryatid paintings.

The nude paintings represent Modigliani’s major artistic contribution. This work, “The Red Bust” had attracted immense attention.

No other painter of that period had painted the female human body as did by Modigliani. His nudes evoke involuntary associations of Classicism. This painting is a continuation of a great tradition of European painting, thematically as well as in the spiritual interpretation of the theme. Altogether, this painting is a celebration of beauty, immaculateness and perfection.

This painting is to be considered as a contribution to the freeing of sex from moralistic intrusions. The nude in this painting is wholly liberated.

Modigliani took what he wanted, from the paintings of Toulose-Lautrec, Cezanne, African sculpture, the Fauves, Egyptian and Greek mythology, Cubism and works of Pablo Picasso and Braque. He benefited a lot from hid friendship with the sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Modigliani had brought many sculptural effects in the nude painting.

Modigliani could bring a mysterious and quasi-religious impression to the painting. The marked stylization of the head, the elongated neck, the arrow like nose and the eyes that are only depicted as contours are deliberate references to the primitive sculptures which were eliciting great attention from avant-garde art circles. In the simplicity of expression, Modigliani’s painting resembles that of early European forerunners.

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