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The Sculptor Jacques Lipchitz Painting by Amedo Modigalini

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini -The Sculptor Jacques Lipchitz The Sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and His Wife Berthe Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz

This is one of the only two double portraits ever painted by Modigliani. Depiction of sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and his wife Berthe is both a complex and fascinating work and an ironic commentary on the personal lives and professional careers of the two immigrant artists.

In this portrait, the Lithuanian born sculptor and his bride Berthe, a Russian poetess are portrayed by Modigliani in their flat at 54, rue du Montparnasse, the former residence of the sculptor, Constantin Brancusi. The portrait has been drawn against Modigliani’s characteristic back drop of interior architectural form. Lipchitz is smartly dressed and standing casually with one hand on his wife’s shoulder and the other thrust into his pants pocket.

Lipchitz is given a standard stylized nose out of stores, but his supplementary details include asymmetric hair, solid as a wig, an incipient prickle of sparse mustache like a shaven armpit and an incipient double chin, whose fold is mirrored in his polo neck.

The artist has assigned a haughty expression for Lipchitz. The sculptor has been depicted with large ears, small pursed lips, narrow squinting eyes and a wickedly twisted nose.

Berthe has been depicted with an endearing likeness. The gentle eloquent lines of her face emerge gracefully from her husband’s coat. She is characterized by a harmonious wave of contrasting curves, one echoing and balancing the other. She radiates a kind of sensuality with her large downturned eyes, elegantly elongated nose, fleshy lips and long graceful neck.

The contrast between Modigliani’s depiction and characterization of man and woman is quite obvious in this portrait.

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