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Head of a Woman with a Hat -Amedo Modigalini Painting

Famous Art work & Drawing by Amedo Modigalini - Head of a Woman with a Hat
Head of a Woman with a Hat. 1907. Watercolor. 35 x 27 cm. William Young and Company, Boston MA, USA.

Head of a Woman

‘Head of a Woman’ is an early work of the Italian born Paris based painter Modigliani. Modigliani had a unique painting style, which exhibit tendencies of Expressionism, Cubism and Matisse style. Modigliani is renowned for his portraits which belong to a unique class. His portraits are recognizable by their olive skin, elongated nose and neck, flat face and almond shaped eyes.

The painter of this portrait is easily identified with the typical elongated shape. Also the picture shows the artist’s passion for sculpting. Modigliani’s talent was instantly recognized by the East European avant-garde.

Portraits of women with unusually elongated neck are the masterpieces of Modigliani. His art work emphasized exaggerated color as well as simplified uses of line, shape and form.

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