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Alexander Brulloff biography

Facts about Alexander Brulloff life bio

Alexander Brulloff life biography is very interesting .

Brulloff was born in a family of painters in 1798 in St Petersburg. (he was Brullo until 1822; family name changed as per Russian style). He was a famous architect and a promising artist. His brother was Karl Brulloff. Three earlier generations of his, were all famous artists. Alexander’s first teacher was his father Paul Brulloff. He completed his studies as architect in the Academy of Arts and graduated with honors (1810-20). After that he along with Karl were sent to Europe to study art and architecture as a pensioner of the Society for the Promotion of Artists.

Alexander spent 8 years (1822-30) in Italy, Germany and France in his studies. A lot of water color portraits were done by him . Well known among them were those of V.A.Perovsky(1824), C.P.Bakunina(1830-32), I.A.Capo d’ Istrias(1920s), C.I. Zagryazhskaya(1820s).

He returned to Russia in 1831 and became a Professor at the Academy of Arts. During this period he created some of his best works of architecture. Some of his well known structures are in St Petersburg, viz Mikhaylovskiy Theater(now called Malle Theater, 1831-33),
Lutheran church of St Peter and St Paul(1833-38), Pulkov Observatory (1834-39), and Headquarters of Guard Corps on Palace Square(1837-43).

One of his best portaits was of N.N.Pushkina(1831).
He also did a lot of illustrations for books and magazines. Diocletian(245-311AD) was Roman emperor (284-305AD).
During his reign huge baths were built in Rome and were called ‘Baths of Diocletian’.
See Alexander Brulloff—“Rome—View of Baths of Diocletian”.

Count Ionnnes Antonios Capo D’ Istrias (1766-1831), was a Greek statesman and President of the Greek Republic, was born in Corfu. In 1809-1822 he saw service as diplomat in Russia. He was President of Greece in 1828 and was assassinated in 1831 at Nauplia.
See Alexander Brulloff, “Portrait of Count I.A. Capo D’ Istrias”.

Princess Natalia Golitzina (1796-1890) was the wife of prince S.S. Golitzin. She was a rich lady, childless, beautiful and of charitable disposition.
See Alexander Brulloff Portrait of the Princess N.S. Golitzina.

Natalia Pushkina(1812-1863) aka Goncharova , was wife of well known poet Alexander Pushkin(1799-1837) .
She was involved in social bickerings, with the result, friction developed between her husband and Baron D’ Anthes de Heckern. In the fight that ensued her husband lost his life within 3 days.
See Alexander Brulloff “Portrait of N.N.Pushkina,nee Goncharova.

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