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Alexey Bogoliubov's biography


Alexey was a painter of Russian landscape. His was a family of a military officer. His maternal grandfather was A.N. Radischev. Alexey graduated in 1841 from a military school, and saw service in the navy, which gave him the chance to travel to several countries. He joined the Academy of arts in St Petersburg in 1849. His teachers were Maxim Vorobyev and B.P. Vivalde. He was more attracted towards Ivan Ayvazovsky.

He came out successfully from the Academy in 1853 winning also a gold medal. He sought retirement from the navy and took up an assignment in the naval headquarters as an artist. He got an opportunity to travel around Europe and work there during 1854-60. He did not let go of any chance to work under the great painters of that time. While in Rome he impressed Alexander Ivanov, who was impressed with his talent and advised him to take up drawing also.

During his stay in Duesseldorf he received training under Andreas Achenbach(1815-1910). During his stint in Paris he took a fancy for the artists of the Barbizon School and at the same time accused them. Nevertheless the painters from France appreciated Alexey’s originality and also his reluctance to paint landscapes and the love of nature.

Camille Corot (1796-1875) was a regular visitor to the studio of Bogoliubov. Eminent French artist Francois Daubigny(1870-78) loved to exchange paintings with Alexey. In 1860 Alexey returned to Russia with several finished paintings, sketches and monographs. His works were displayed in the academy. They made Alexey a professor and coveyed special regards from the Board of Directors. He taught at the Academy for a while. He undertook journeys along the Volga in the 1860s and the outcome was excellent. He shed romanticism (derived from Ayvazovsky) from his work and retained the beauty of nature. His paintings of landscapes were colossal with extra light effects, depending on the time of the day.

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