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Ambrosius II Bosschaert biography

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Ambrosius is a typical example of a 17th century Dutch still life painter. He was one of the earliest to confine himself to the realm of still life with bouquets of flowers in his works of art.

Ambrosius was born in Antwerp in 1573. Owing to his religious views he had to leave Belgium even before he was 20. He moved his residence to the Dutch province of Zeeland in its capital city called Middelburg. There he attained great fame as a still life painter of flowers. In later years he also worked at Utrecht and Breda.

Among all his works what stands out is “Bouquet of Flowers” displayed on a round shaped window. Ambrosius’ paintings comprise flowers that bloom at different times.
His still flower paintings became idealized into a painted encyclopedia in botany. A casual viewer saw a symbolic meaning in his still flower art, as with all still life artists then, but the symbols were mostly concealed from normal view.

Ambrosius was instrumental in nurturing an entire dynasty of still life painters, which work was continued by his successors ____3 sons, two brothers in law and a son in law. He ran a business as an art dealer too.

He passed away in The Hague in 1621. He had left an indelible footprint in the sands of Dutch still life painting.

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Ambrosius II Bosschaert

Ambrosius II Bosschaert
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