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Bernardo Bellotto's Capriccio of the Capitol

Facts about Bernardo Bellotto Capriccio of the Capitol painting

Famous Bernardo Bellotto painting name :Capriccio of the Capitol

This is a lazy afternoon picture showing most characters inactive except for the dog pouncing and the man riding a horse. The Capitol looks very historical and the arch lends extra grace to the picture. This 1744 painting by Bernardo was done as oil on canvas and is stored at the Galleria Nazionale at Parma in Italy.

Date of ' Capriccio of the Capitol' painting : 1743/44

Museum at which ' ' stored :Galleria Nazionale, Parma, Italy

Other details of by *Bernardo Bellotto :Capriccio of the Capitol. 1743/44. Oil on canvas. Galleria Nazionale, Parma, Italy.

Capriccio of the Capitol  Bernardo Bellotto painting Bernardo Belottoi Capriccio of the Capitol drawings

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