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Collection of famous paintings of Eduard Barth

Eduard Barth Famous Paintings

Eduard Barth

Eduard was the son of the famous German artist Wilhelm Barth. He got his early training from his father and not much information is available about his life and work. However the “Admiralty Square” was a well known painting of Eduard depicting St. Petersburg.

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Admiralty Square

Eduard painted the scenes of the city of St. Petersburg taking all cues from his father’s style and genre. In this 1823 painting of the Admiralty Square done with Gouache on paper he has brought out the vast cobbled courtyard of the building and even painted the horse carriages painstakingly. The trees are standing in a straight line in tune with the military tradition.

This picture has been kept on display at The Hermitage in St.Petersburg.

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Eduard Barth Paintings Admiralty Square  Famous paintings of Eduard Barth