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Gentile Bellini Famous Paintings

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Gentile was an Italian painter of the official portraitist to the DOGES of Venice. His father Jacopo, an oil paint expert, was considered the greatest painter and portrtait maker of Venice when he was alive. His painting “ Blessed Lorenzo Giustinian”(1445) is the oldest surviving art work of Gentile in Venice in the Academia Museum. “Doge Giovanni Mocenigo” is an example of his portrait of the DOGE. Gentile painted on very large public buildings , eg “ Scoula Grande”.

Along with others Gentile painted ten pictures in narrative style. “Miracles of the Relic of the Cross” and “Procession of the True Cross in Piazza San Marco” now in the Academia in Venice are his best known works. In the “Procession ………Marco” picture the highlight is the St Mark’s Basilica with its Byzantine domes and its shiny mosaics. In this painting a man from Brescia is kneeling before the relic.

It is said this man’s dying son at home recovered miraculously. “The Recovery of the Relic of the True Cross at the Bridge of St Lorenzo” is another famous painting of Gentile. This picture highlights the Venetian life styles of those times showing human individuality, aspects of daily life and of course the miracle. This most prestigious Venetian artist was made court painter at Istanbul by Sultan Mehmed II.

The sultan’s portrait made by Gentile oil on canvas is now in the National gallery in London. “Queen Caterina of Cyprus”, now in the Szepmuveszeti Museum in Budapest is only the second portrait of the queen.

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Madonna and Child with Donors

Sultan Mehmet II.

Procession in St. Mark's Square

Procession in St. Mark's Square

The Recovery of the Relic of the True Cross at the Bridge of S. Lorenzo

Portrait of Catarina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus

Portrait of a Patrician

A Turkish Janissary