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Sultan Mehmet II Gentile Bellini's painting

Facts about Sultan Mehmet II Gentile Bellini painting

Information on Sultan Mehmet IIGentile Bellini painting

Gentile was a court appointed painter under Mehmet II in Istanbul. The artist had painted the sultan’s portrait which is amongst Gentile’s prominent works. This portrait has truly represented the sultan with his muslim style turban and beard with moustache. He looks to be very meek in the portrait. This oil on canvas done in 1480 is at the National Gallery in London.

Famous Gentile Bellini painting name :Sultan Mehmet II

Year of ' ' painting : 1480.

Museum at which ' ' stored :National Gallery, London, UK

Other details of * by Gentile Bellini :Sultan Mehmet II. 1480. Oil on canvas. 70x52cm. National Gallery, London, UK

Sultan Mehmet II

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