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Transfiguration Giovanni Bellini's painting

Facts about Transfiguration Giovanni Bellini painting

Information on Giyovanni Bellini Transfiguration painting

This religious painting of the Dead Christ depicts the crucifixion site where Christ makes His appearance to the devotees. This event is perceived as a miracle. Hence the title ‘transfiguration’. This tempera on wood is preserved for all to see at the Civico Museo Correr, Venice, Italy. This picture was made in 1460.

Famous Giovanni Bellini painting name : Transfiguration

Year of ' ' painting : 1460

Museum at which ' ' stored :Civico Museo Correr, Venice, Italy

Other details of * by Geovanni Bellini :Transfiguration. c. 1460. Tempera on wood. 134 x68 cm. Civico Museo Correr, Venice, Italy


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