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One of the founders of the Italian Renaissance painting in Venice and Northern Italy, Jacopo Bellini was the father of Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, both reputed painters. He worked with Gentile at the frescoes of Palazzo Trinci. Very few of Jacopo’s paintings have survived till now. His style closely resembled that of the masters of the Gothic and Byzantine tradition.

The Madonnas painted by him are as per the Byzantine Art: “Madonna of the Cherubim” and “Madonna and Child”. All his 230 drawings in his sketch books are preserved at the Louvre and at the British Museum. These sketches conformed to the perspective art.

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Madonna of the Cherubim

St. John the Evangelist (left); The Apostle Peter (right).

The Virgin and Child Adored by Lionello d'Este

Madonna and Child

St. John the Baptist Preaching

Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple