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Osias Beert's biography

Facts about Osias Beert biography

Osias Beert was an early Flemish Baroque still life painter. Born in Antwerp in 1579 he joined the St Luke’s Guild there as a privileged master in 1602. He married Margareta Yckem in 1606. Almost his entire life Beert worked in Antwerp.


As a still life painter his forte was the table laden with light food. These works were to be succeeded by ornamental still life works popular in Holland, later named “Breakfast”.


Among his works only eight are existing. His till life paintings are full of symbols which modern viewers may not fully comprehend. A modern art historian describes his STILL LIFEWITH CHERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES which were considered to be the fruits of Paradise.


Salvation and Resurrection was symbolized by the butterfly; in opposition to the dragonfly (subspecies of the common fly) as creatures of the devil. Beert died in Antwerp probably in 1624.

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Osias Beert

Osias Beert

Osias Beert
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