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Abbey of St. Berlin, near St. Omer

Coast of Picardy

Vessels in a Choppy Sea

French River Scene with Fishing Boats

River Scene in France

Shipping Off the Coast of Kent.

Boats by the Shores of Normandy

A Boat Beached in a Port at Low Tide

At the English Coast

Landscape, Sunset

The Corsa Saint' Anastasia, Verona, with the Palace of Prince Maffet.

Near Boulogne

Les Salinieres by Trouville

Lake Lugano

Parlerre d'eau a Versailles

Beach in Normandy.

St. Mark's Column in Venice

Boulogne Sands

The Doge's Palace, Venice

Piazza San Marco, Venice

Venice. The Grand Canal

A Cutter and Other Shipping in a Breeze

Henri III and the English Ambassador

Paris. Quai du Louvre

The Undercliff.

View of the Coast of Normandy

View of the Lagoon near Venice

Francis I and the Duchess of Etampes