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Fra Angelico Painting :San Pietro Martire Triptych.

San Pietro Martire Triptych.

The mother is holding her child on her lap and in the other hand she
is holding perhaps some toy. The Gothic style designs behind the
mother is magnificent.There are four men all look like waiting to
discharge some function as per prescribed rules of the church.
Angelico has executed a wonderful job with the intricate figures near
the ceiling behind the mother. This exquisite piece of art, Tempera on
Panel, from Angelico is to be seen at Museo di San Marco in Florence,
Italy. This work was dated 1428 and is of 137x168 cm size.

San Pietro Martire Triptych. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Angelico Fra

San Pietro Martire Triptych. 1428/29. Tempera on panel. 137 x 168 cm. Museo di San Marco, Florence, Italy.

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Angelico, Fra
(Italian, c.1395-1455)

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