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Harmony in Red Painting by Henri Matisse

Famous Art work & Drawing by Henri Matisse - Harmony in Red

Harmony in Red. 1908. Oil on canvas. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia


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View of Collioure. 1908. Oil on canvas. Private collection.
View of Collioure2
Back To Henri Matisse Paintings Greta Moll. 1908. Oil on canvas. National Gallery, London, UK.
Greta Moll

Klousan was the first one to break down. He revealed the truth. When Sorgi saw Klousan breaking down and revealing everything, even he opened up and confessed. But, Sorgi argued in his defence that he never misused any office, for the officers themselves were telling him the secrets. The Japanese police were not convinced by this argument. They passed the death sentence on him and Klousan.

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