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Interior at Collioure Painting by Henri Matisse

Famous Art work & Drawing by Henri Matisse - Interior at Collioure

Interior at Collioure. 1905. Oil on canvas. Private collection.


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Woman with a Hat. 1905. Oil on canvas. Private collection.
Woman with a Hat
Back To Henri Matisse Paintings Portrait of André Derain. 1905. Oil on canvas. Tate Gallery, London, UK
Portrait of André Derain


Acting was Shatouni’s passion. On stage, he played many significant roles. But, his finest performance came the day he faced the angry soldiers ready to kill the officers.

During the First World War, Russia was passing through a turbulent period. The Russian soldiers were annoyed with the officers, who had maltreated them. They were ready to murder these officers. But, Shatouni saved this tragedy by his superb performance

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