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Le bonheur de vivre Painting by Henri Matisse

Famous Art work & Drawing by Henri Matisse - Le bonheur de vivre

Le bonheur de vivre. 1905-1906. Oil on canvas. Barnes Foundation, Lincoln University, Merion, PA, USA.


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Interior with a Girl. 1905-6. Oil on canvas. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA
Interior with a Girl
Back To Henri Matisse Paintings Sea at Collioure. 1906. Oil on canvas. Barnes Foundation, Lincoln University, Merion, PA, USA.
Sea at Collioure

Acting was Shatouni’s passion. On stage he played many significant roles. The role for which he was liked the most was of Laertes-a character of the Shakespearean drama. He used to play this character with such fury that audience often gasped in wonder. But, Shatouni remained unnerved by this mis happening. He soon recovered, stood up and put more life and ferocity into the character. The audience was surprised by his spirit. However, this incident made the people realize that nothing was impossible for Shatouni and that he was perfect in acting. At this time, World War I broke out. Shatouni had to forget acting on stage. He at once enlisted himself in the cavalry. But one day he suddenly left Tifis, and whaether he went to the front or to the Yerevan, is still a mystery. The fact remains that he disappeared from Tiflis for some months.
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