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Madame Matisse Painting by Henri Matisse

Famous Art work & Drawing by Henri Matisse - Madame Matisse

Madame Matisse, "The Green Line" ( La Raie verte). 1905. Oil on canvas. Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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The Window. 1905. Oil on canvas. Private collection
The Window
Back To Henri Matisse Paintings  Woman Sitting before the Window. 1905. Oil on canvas. Acquavella Galleries, New York, NY, USA
Woman Sitting before the Window

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He called his family to Argentina. Libel reached Argentina with her three children. The family was reunited and they started leading a happy life. Adolf was doing well. He was drawing a handsome salary from Kapri firm. But, perhaps the curse of 60 lakh Jews, whom Adolf had murdered, was too powerful to let him live in peace. Soon the company became bankrupt and Adolf once again became unemployed. Now, in search of work, he went to Brazil. He worked in Brazil till 1956 and then returned to Argentina. Meanwhile, his wife, Libel returned to Austria. She gave her passport to be renewed. And this was a fatal mistake. The passport clerk recognized the name of Libel and informed the Israelian spies. Freedman kept a strict eye on Libel. He followed her till Argentina

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