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The Bank Painting by Henri Matisse

Famous Art work & Drawing by Henri Matisse -The Bank

The Bank. 1907. Oil on canvas. Kunstmuseum Basel, Basel, Switzerlandrk, NY, USA.


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Blue Nude. (Souvenir de Biskra). 1907. Oil on canvas. Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD, USA.
Blue Nude.
Back To Henri Matisse Paintings Madame Matisse: madras rouge. 1907. Oil on canvas. Barnes Foundation, Lincoln University, Merion, PA, USA.
Madame Matisse: madras rouge

Sorgi converted one of his rooms into a dark room. Here he took photographs of important documents. Nobody doubted Sorgi. He not only advised the new envoy, but army officers and other officers also started trusting Sorgi. During the World War II, Sorgi was made the German embassy’s press secretary. It was an important post and Sorgi received handsome salary with all the comforts. After the 1940 alliance between Germany and Japan, Sorgi started getting important news of Japan too. Sorgi passed these documents and photographs to Hojumi. They used to exchange the material in zoo, restaurant, bar or at home. The conversation used to begin with one of them asking for a cigarette. The other used to offer the packet which used to contain all the important news.
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