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The Tree Man Painting by Hieronymus Bosch

Famous Art work & Drawing by Hieronymus Bosch - The Tree Man

The Tree Man. 1470s. Pen and bistre on paper. Albertina, Vienna, Austria.


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The Stone Operation


The fortune-tellers use different methods to predict the future. Some read the lines on the palms forehead and even the sole. Others rely on ancient texts, gaze in a crystal or use tarot cards. There are people who predict the further by studying a persons handwriting. To most of us this seems bewildering and mysterious. A question arises in the mind-can anybody peep into the future and-if so, to what extent? There have been exhaustive researches on this subject throughout the world. These researches have brought out one startling conclusion that every man possesses a latent capacity to tell the future. It may vary from person to person, but it is doubtless there. This is even acknowledged by science.

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