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 hieronymus bosch biography


Bosch was born in 1450. His grandfather was Jan Van Aken, who had five sons. Of these four were painters. One of these, Anthonius Van Aken(died in 1478), was the father of Bosch. Bosch had two brothers and a sister. His brother Goossen also was a painter. Bosch got his initial training from the family. In 1479-81, he married Aleyt Goyaerts Van den Meervenne, who was a senior to him. She was very rich and came from a good family.

The early works of Bosch were perceived as amusement/titillation items. People branded him as an inventor of monsters and chimeras. He was the most extravagant painter of his time. He lived and worked in Hertogenbosch, which is probably why he has his name too as Bosch. This Dutch city was a quiet one His ancestors settled in this city in the 14th/15th century. The family name VAN AKEN suggests they hailed from the German city Aachen.

The Brotherhood of Our Lady, with which Bosch was associated throughout his life, honoured the works of Bosch.
This was one of the groups which was devoted to the worship of the Virgin, that was the trend in the Middle Ages.
The Brotherhood of our Lady of s’ Hertogenbosch was a rich organization and contributed in no small measure to the cultural and religious colors of the city.

Works of art were commissioned in the Chapel of our Lady. Most family members of Bosch were attached to this Brotherhood and took up employment for various tasks here. Historical evidence is lacking to show whether Bosch left his hometown. However his death in 1516 does get a mention in the records of Brotherhood of our Lady. Severalof Bosch’s paintings are to be seen in museums and private art collections in Europe/USA though most of them are only copies or imitations. But it is said with certainty that some thirty art works among them are Bosch’s originals.
The years of the paintings are however not available.

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