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Hieronymus bosch print Painting by Hieronymus Bosch

Famous Art work & Drawing by Hieronymus Bosch - hieronymus bosch print

 hieronymus bosch print


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 hieronymus bosch biography
Hieronymus bosch biography
Back To  Hieronymus Bosch Paintings Index Haywain. Central panel. 1485-1490. Oil on panel. Monasterio de San Lorenzo, El Escorial, Spain.


Greece was the center of ancient human civilisation. The very mention of its name brings to mind warriors like Alexander and philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle. There was a mysterious temple in Greece, which was famous for correct predictions regarding future. Great rulers like Alexander, Nero and Croesus as also illustrious poets like Home went there to know their future. Today the temple is in ruins but at one time its splendor was colossal. Holy priestesses sat in the temple to make predictions and solve the problems of those who sought their help.

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