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Arp, Jean (Hans) Painting - Human Concretion

Human Concretion is a Biomorphic sculpture in marble, created by the

remarkable sculptor, painter and poet, Jeans Arp. Biomorphic forms of art

derive from the organic shapes in the nature. Such creations will induce

creative thinking in the minds of those who look at this piece of art.

Jeans Arp was born in France and was associated with various

revolutionary art movements such as Dada, Surrealism and Cubism.

The spontaneous creativity of the human sub conscious mind leads

an artist in designing this kind of forms. Moreover, Jeans Arp believed

that art was a natural generation of form – a fruit that grows in a man.

Hence it will have a shape and it will occupy space.

Through this sculpture, Arp wants to convey that thought and

right reasoning is most important for survival of the human race.

He laments that today man is deprived of silence due to machines

and noice making devices. The environment is distracting humanity

from the essence of life, contemplation and meditation.

The freestanding sculpture of Jeans Harp was the outcome of his strong

desire to bring humanity back from this disastrous noisy world. This

sculpture inspires man to find a quite place here, think and find the

meaning of life for ourselves. Through this creation, Jeans Harp quietly

sends the message – “look and learn”.

Human Concretion - Famous Art work & Drawing by Jean Arp, (Hans)

Human Concretion. 1933. Stone. 22x31 7/8 x 21 1/4". Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland

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Arp, Jean (Hans)
(French, 1887-1966)

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