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Five Grotesque Heads Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Art work & Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinchi - Five Grotesque Heads

Five Grotesque Heads. c.1490. Pen and ink on paper. Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK.


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Head Measured, and Horsemen. c.1490 and 1504. Pen, ink and red chalk on paper. Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice, Italy.
Head Measured
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Bentivoglio was mad with rage on hearing this. He snatched a whip from the executioner and gave saint Luca fifteen lashes with it. Then he asked, “Now, tell me what the future holds for you.’ Gaurico retained his composure even after his public humiliation. He stood there patiently and declared that he was not going to die at that time. Bentivoglio took out a sword and rushed to strike him when the other courtiers prevented him from doing so.

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