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Madonna Litta Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Art work & Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinchi - Madonna Litta

Madonna Litta. c. 1490. Oil on panel, transferred to canvas. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia


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Madonna of the Rocks. 1482-1486. Oil on wood. Louvre, Paris, France
Madonna of the Rocks
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Drawing of a Flying Machine

Saint Luca Gaurico had just come out after a bath. He was looking down from an oriel of his residence that a ball fell into his garden. A little later, a young boy entered the garden to pick up the ball. He picked up the ball and turned round to leave.

The saint gazed intently at the face of that boy. Suddenly he became agitated and ran towards the garden like an excited child. He was able to stop the boy before he could leave his garden. When the disciples of the saint saw, this, they came running to the place. They saw that the eyes of the saint were glowing. He then announced in a resounding voicea. “Those who are seeing this boy should greet him respectfully. One day, this young lad shall be elected as Pope

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