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The Baptism of Christ Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Famous Art work & Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinchi - The Baptism of Christ

Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci. The Baptism of Christ. c.1472-1475. Oil and tempera on wood. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy


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Back To  Leonardo Da Vinci Paintings The Annunciation. c. 1472-1475. Oil and tempera on wood. Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy.
The Annunciation

Lakshmi was further enraged. She said, “Then, remember, you are so proud of your book in which you have already prophesied the future of all. Now, I curse that your predictions will never be correct.”

It was now the turn of Bhrigu to get angry. He thought of cursing Lakshmi when Vishnu intervened. He said, “Do not be sad and angry, O Maharishi. I shall grant you divine insight. You write another treatise. It will never go wrong.” It is presumed that Bhrigu-Samhita was written as a result of his gift granted by Lord Vishnu.

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