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Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. Painting by Max Ernst

Famous Art work & Drawing by Max Ernst - Of This Men Shall Know Nothing.

Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. Oil on canvas. 81 x 64 cm. 1923. Tate Gallery, London, UK


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A Friends' Reunion/Au Rendez-vous des amis. 1922. Oil on canvas. 130 x 95. Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany.
A Friends' Reunion
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Ubu Imperator.

In many matters, Nostradamus has indicated firm dates regarding the events. He has written, “The year 1792 shall be of special significance to France. The common man shall inherit the government, he will become strong and a new age will be ushered in.” Everybody knows that it turned out to be the year of French Revolution, when the monarchy was overthrown. The French revolutionaries had occupied the palace and the revolutionary slogan of ‘equality, liberty and fraternity’ rent the air.
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