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The Small Fistule That Says Tic Tac Painting by Max Ernst

Famous Art work & Drawing by Max Ernst - The Small Fistule That Says Tic Tac

The Small Fistule That Says Tic Tac / La petite fistule lacrimale qui dit tic tac. 1920. Gouache on paper. 36.2 x 24.5 cm. The Museum of Modern Arts, New York, NY, USA.


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 max karl ernst ludwig planck Untitled. 1920. Gouache, Chinese ink and pencil on cardboard. 30 x 25 cm. Private collection
Max karl ernst ludwig planck
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The Fall of an Angel

The grave was dug before midnight. Only one amongst the three gravediggers could gather enough courage to peep at the skeleton of Nostradamus in the coffin. He thought for some time and then severed the skull from the skeleton. He took out a bottle of champagne from the pocket of his trousers and poured the wine into the skull.

The wine started oozing out of the open eyes of the skull. That man lifted the skull to his mouth holding it fast with both the hands. He started gulping the wine rapidly. He had hardly taken four sips that a stray bullet hit him in the neck and he fell down dead. The revolutionaries might have fired a bullet at someone and it struck this man.

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