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Crucifix from the Santo Spirito Convent. Painting by Michelangelo

Crucifix from the Santo Spirito Convent.- Famous Art work & Drawing by Michelangelo

Crucifix from the Santo Spirito Convent. c.1492. Polychrome wood. Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy


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Battle of the Centaurs. 1492. Low relief, marble. Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy
Battle of the Centaurs
Back To Michelangelo Paintings Index Saint Proculus. 1494-1495. Marble. Basilica of San Domenico, Bologna, Italy.
Saint Proculus

Isabella flew into a rage when she learnt of this prophesy through her spies. She immediately ordered that the Seer of Brahan or Coinneach be taken to Channory Point and burnt alive.

When Coinneach was being taken to be burnt alive, Isabella shouted, “Foolish hypocrite, lyou have spoken so many lies that you shall rot in the hell.”

The Seer of Brahan was held tight. with ropes. He laughed, He pointed towards the sky and said, “I am not the only person ordained to die. People have died like this before and would be killed in the future. But, people who are put to death like this shall go to heaven, while you and your family will find place only in hell.”

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