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David Painting by Michelangelo

David - Famous Art work & Drawing by Michelangelo

David. 1501-1504. Marble. Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence, Italy


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Pieta (detail). 1499. Marble. St. Peter's, Vatican.
Pieta 3
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David 2

Incidents regarding the time when the Russian forces were fighting in Italy in eighteenth century, are recorded in Russian history. A platoon of soldiers under the command of Captain Lukov lost its way in a blizzard. It so happened that the Russian soldiers had displayed exemplary bravery under Field Marshal Alexander Suvarov in the face of fierce bombardment from the fort of Turin. Major Pronin suggested that the area be surveyed before the troops advance any further.

During nightfall, a platoon of soldiers advanced through the bombardment. While returning, snowstorm made it impossible for the soldiers to find the way. They would not see anything, Suddenly a soldier shouted, “I can see. There is light ahead. Our soldiers are there.”

He was an ordinary soldier named Kozin. The entire platoon was led by him to the camp of Suvarov. It was only then that the soldiers realized that Kozin had lost his eyes in mortar fire. His entire face was scorched and his eyes were only empty holes.

Who directed Kozin in that blizzard to find the way? It shall always remain a mystery.

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