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Dying Slave Painting by Michelangelo

Dying Slave - Famous Art work & Drawing by Michelangelo

Dying Slave. c.1513-1516. Marble. The Louvre, Paris, France


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Moses. c.1513-1516. Marble. San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome, Italy
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Rebellious Slave.

It is said that person named Harry Price opened it in 1927. This person was famous for his research on supernatural powers. The casket contained some personal belongings of Joanna like an old cap, a pistol and things of everyday use. Her supporters claim that Price did not open the real casket. It has still to be opened. It will only be opened when the bishops agree to meet. Nobody knows in whose possession this casket is or its present whereabouts. As such, the casket remains shrouded in mystery.
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