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Self Portrait Painting by Michelangelo

Self Portrait- Famous Art work & Drawing by Michelangelo

Michelangelo made some 350 illustrations in the Sistine Chapel. They cover 1000 square feet. It took him four years of hard work to complete the work


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Back To Michelangelo Paintings Index Madonna of the Stairs. c.1490. Marble. Casa Buonarroti, Florence, Italy.
Madonna of the Stairs

The saint of Brahan has mentioned about the exodus from the villages to the cities. He predicted that there would be shopping and commercial complexes on highways and ports will undergo unimaginable development. He even, describes the diseases caused by noise pollution. In one prediction, he had imagined an atomic submarine. He said, “There would be closed boats at Holy Loch. They would look like cows without legs and horns. These boats will be capable of firing flaming arrows that would release rays that shall cause death on a large scale.” Nowadays, a submarine base is located near Holy Loch.
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