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Altman, Nathan Painting -Portrait of Anna Akhmatova.

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova.

Altman was deeply involved in portrait painting during his stay in
France. This exposure and his encounters with other European painters
in Europe influenced his work in portraiture. This portrait of
Akhmatova is considered one of his landmark paintings. The color
choice of blue and yellow costumes of the subject is very brilliantly
portrayed. This oil on canvas work done by Nathan in 1914 measures
123.5 x 1032 cm and is displayed at The Russian Museum, at St.

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Nathan Altman

Portrait of Anna Akhmatova. 1914. Oil on canvas. 123.5 x 103.2 cm. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Altman, Nathan
(Russian-Jewish, 1889-1970)

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